Tourism is one of the vast industry that is prevalent and expanding each day.All over the world, tourism has a major role because of its inseparable relationship with people and their desire to travel. Tourism sector has a huge potential to include the customer relationship management (CRM) solutions since the main fulcrum that runs the industry is customer service. The people are choosy to select the travel agents or tour operator since they like to be treated with more personalization and provide the needed sophistication or discount offers in tour packages.

CRM in Tourism

The tourism industry can be benefited by the Engagedots CRM solutions since it can manage the whole history of the customers and pave way to notify loyalty programs.The CRM software can create a one-to-one relationship with the customers such that repeated travelers can be focused by the business. It can provide strategical solutions to handle different kinds of travelers announcing various travel package.

The CRM can allow to create a brand value for the travel & tourism company with customized contact management and planned tour packages. The Engagedots CRM has the contact and customer modules that are mainly used to keep track of the customers with better communication. The tours can be planned and the task can be monitored using CRM along with their status. The needed support for the customers can be provided. The reports can be viewed reflecting the present scenario which can be useful to monitor the scheduled trips.

Contact and Communication with CRM

The CRM allows the tour operators to keep a constant touch with the customers through all the possible effective channels such as phone, email etc.This enables to retain the customers in the tourism. The tour operator can announce the new tour plan or discount offers on the tour packages to the existing customers that may give fruitful results.

Building a customer relationship with strong communication is one of the important aspect for the success in tourism industry which encounters many new customers each day. Apart from the regular customers, the new customers should also be given equal importance since they can turn out to be a promising lead or traveler. The Engagedots CRM provides an excellent customer management module that allows to keep track of customer details and their travel history.

CRM for Marketing Tours

One of the greatest advantage of Engagedots CRM software is that it can be used for targeted marketing in the field of tourism. The specific customer patterns can be clearly noted using the CRM software and those group of people can be targeted for promoting the tour packs. These kind of marketing helps to improve the revenue.

Loyalty programs can be announced by studying the market and the pattern of repetitive customer using the reports which can be useful for marketing. The aim of the CRM is to retain the existing customers such that they are given individual attention.

Benefits of CRM for Tourism

  • Centralized database
  • Analysis of customer patterns
  • Report generation
  • Announcing loyalty programs
  • Announcing tour programs
  • Targeted marketing
  • Managing campaigns
  • Retain existing customers
  • Effective contact with customers
  • Treat each customer individually
  • Establishing communication
  • Creating brand value


Tourism field can be benefited by enabling better targeted marketing using the CRM solutions.It maintains the customer database and enables to convert the travelers into loyal customers by applying various business strategies. The loyalty programs can keep the customers returning. The key customers can be targeted with marketing and promotion using the CRM software. The leads can be converted into a promising customer via constant contacts and support through multiple channels. The brand value can also be created.