Ticket & Support

The Engagedots Support provides solutions to all the issues and queries that are raised by the employees, clients or other persons involved in the CRM cycle. The best support provided to the client will reflect on the increased sales and production to the company. The day-to-day activities of the company can run smoothly only when the regular or common issues are solved quickly. The main aim of the Engagedots CRM solution is to built the customer relationship via effective support and service.

The quality of the support results in customer satisfaction. Different mediums of support acts as an established communication channel between the organization and the clients which is essential for the growth of the company. The leads can be converted to sales via rapid support.

The best customer support results in improved sale management as well as keeps the communication ongoing for establishing long-term relationship with the customers.

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Ticketing system

The ticketing system resolves the issues swiftly using all possible media such as email, phone, online chat, skype etc. The tickets are channelized through the appropriate persons to reply for the queries. The status of the ticket is closely monitored by the system and it is closed once issue is resolved. Tickets ensure fast and easy communication.

Smart answer recommendations

This is the best method adopted to answer the queries raised via various channels including ticketing. The collection of queries and solutions from the knowledge base is filtered appropriately and are made available as a choice for the current issue. The best fit option can be chosen for quick reply. This reduces the time taken to respond to the known issues and queries.

Knowledge base

All the frequently asked questions are listed out and organized in a central space for easy access. The knowledge base acts as the medium enriched with information that is often asked by the users. The ready-made solution to major issues raised are made available via knowledge base which records all the relevant questions and answers up-to-date without redundancy.

Video tutorials

This an effective medium to educate the user. The videos on various topics related to the software as well as about the details of processes in the company can be made available using this option. Videos can be created on any topic such that they are educative to answer all queries. The video tutorials is a collection of useful videos about the software as well as the company.

Community support

The best communication support is given by the community support which is a forum or message board. This discussion area allows the participants to reply for other person’s posted message which is visible for the whole community. The community can be formed on various category of interest and allows for streamlined communication in the organization.

Mass email

This option is very useful for sending personalized mass emails. It is also useful for sending newsletter or automatic email response. The mass email sending option suits the email marketing. It is also useful to reply to multiple similar queries. The mass emailing option reduces the time utilized for individual mail response.

Summary of Support Management

  • The best support is provided to the customers through the Engagedots
  • The customers can be followed up using the ticketing system
  • The tickets can be converted into task or lead
  • The complete conversation history with the customers are recorded
  • The associated notes are made available with each ticket
  • New tickets can be added by setting priority and status
  • The knowledgebase or FAQ acts like a centralized solution for quick response
  • The FAQ also serves for smart answer recommendation by listing the related queries and answers to select the appropriate option
  • Mass email can be used for handling multiple queried and pursue email marketing
  • The communication is also strongly established by the community support, a message board.