Team wise task splitup

The Team Management module records all the details of the employees in the hierarchy model describing their role and responsibility in the organization. The level-wise information of the employees leads to a hierarchical team formation that represents united building block for the enterprise otherwise called the task force. The works are assigned to the task force and they are tracked on the timeline for the task completion.

The employees are given the access rights of the CRM software depending on their level of employment cadre. The employees can be added, edited, or deleted only by the administrator. The team management module adheres to best resource utilization. This team management module becomes the right grove to mobilize the activities involved in all levels of the CRM implementation. The module also keeps track of the employee reviews with built-in reminders for reviews and appraisals.

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Team wise task splitup

The entire task is split-up across different teams that act like a unified unit of employee. The task assigned to a particular team is split across all the team members depending on their level. The team-wise splitting of task helps for efficient management of the work leading to swift work completion with quality output.

Team structure

The structure of the team is formed or organized using the option available. The Employees are added and grouped into a team depending on their role and responsibility. The team structure reflects on the level of responsibility assigned on each individual. An effective team structure endures the stability of the organization and its success.

Team analytics / report

The Engagedots CRM solution from NDOT presents various options to produce different analytical reports about the work progression and completion at every stage. The complete report on the work-flow status across the team along with statistics on the position of each employee’s work is reflected as graphs or analytics.

Assign & filter tasks

The task assigned across the team to each and every member of the team is clearly monitored. The tasks split across the team members can be filtered and listed separately as a report. This ensures a complete control over the task assignment and completion. Every stage and progress of the task is threaded and filtered for effective management.

Auto reminders

The employees can be kept alert with auto reminders via emails for completion of the task. The auto reminders are very helpful for monitoring the team performance. The review for monitoring the progress of the work is reminded with the emailing structure that allows reporting structure. All the work-related activities are set with auto reminders.


The meetings aid to focus on the work progress and performance management in order to bring to notice on the issues or needs. All the details about the meeting such as the venue, timings, participants, topics of discussion, etc are completely recorded in the module. Every employees or the participants of the meetings are emailed about the meeting automatically.

Summary of Team Management

  • Manage your work force in a hierarchical manner
  • Task can be split among the team for efficient management of work
  • The work can be monitored for progress
  • The members can be added, edited, or deleted only by the administrator
  • The resources can be best utilized by managing the employees
  • Employee review can be done using built-in reminders for reviews and appraisals
  • The reports about the tasks split across the team members can be generated
  • Meetings or events can be scheduled to focus the team on work completion