Task Management

The task management module can be used for assigning tasks to employees and keep track on the project. The progress of the task can be closely monitored using the CRM task module. The tasks are assigned to different levels of the employee. The work progress is reflected on team level as well as on the individual level. Reports are generated to view the status of the task. The level-wise task assignment helps to have a complete control over the project and monitor progress level. The completion of the task is reflected in percentage.

Multiple tasks can be added simultaneously and handled easily. It includes facilities to approve and sign off deliverables. It acts as the central place to control all the activities of work handling in an organization. Task management allows checklist of all the tasks to be completed. Each task can have priority based on date and multiple assignees. Email reminder will be sent to the assignees about task completion and reopening.

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Task management

The project is split up into manageable tasks that are assigned to the team. The team is based on hierarchical structure with each role and responsibilities defined. Multiple projects can be handled simultaneously with efficient task tracking and completion.

Assign task

The tasks can be assigned to single or multiple employees with options to edit or manage the task activities by the authorized person. The assigned persons can utilize all the needed tools and materials that are made available within their limited powers to complete the task successfully.

Task tracking

Multiple tasks can be continuously monitored for progress using the task tracking option. It shows the details of the persons who are assigned for the task, task progress, along with the current status of the task. Auto-reminder can be set via email for updating the task progress in meetings.


The milestones or the achievable task within in the time limit can be set by the authorized persons for focusing the sales team. These milestones can be set, edited, or deleted for streamlining the task progress. Employees are motivated to achieve the set milestones.

Schedule Meetings

Regular meetings can be automatically scheduled for updating the task progress. The reminder for the meetings are sent via email for all the individuals and multiple assignee for a task who are participating in the event. Meetings helps to review task progress and completion.

Task status reports

The task status reports can be generated automatically on the scheduled time. The report fields can be edited to enhance the appearance of the report. Pictorial representation of reports like pie chart, bar diagram, line chart etc can also be used for reflecting the task progress.

Summary of Task Management

  • New task can be added and assigned to employee
  • Status can be updated at anytime
  • The task can be edited or deleted
  • The logged in user's task or My task can be listed separately
  • The meeting or events related to task can be set
  • Milestones or achievable tasks can be set by the authorized person
  • Reports can be generated with pictorial charts like pie diagram, bar diagram, or line chart