Engagedots is a unique solution that has multi-fold applications for businesses. It is suitable for all business to manage the day-to-day activities with total control on employees, customers, and projects (work).

The Engagedots Business Solutions focus on three main areas of any industry such as marketing, sales, and service. It manages the marketing and sales activities and increases the customer retention via customized service. The Engagedots keeps track of the customer record and maintains the customer history which allows to build a long term relationship with the customers. This can be useful for building loyalty and increasing the revenue. Apart from handling the customers, the solution also manages the employees and evaluates their performance. The major tasks related to any business is also managed. Engagedots is a technically sound software designed for managing all the activities of any type of business.


Engagedots is suitable for franchising field with wide database control and lead management. Manage campaigns and email promotion. Control on business with supportive reports for decision-making. Customer relationship management along with ticket system. Best management of employees.

Hospitality Sector

Engagedots is useful in hospitality field to serve the customers better with increased probability of retaining existing customers. Establish brand names of hotels by identifying the patronized visits of customers. Analyze the spending of customers and announce loyalty programs.


Extend the service to the patients with total record about patients. Allow the patients to access information online. Record the billing detail documents for reference. Manage the employees with option to record the leave and monitor performance. Manage campaigns and increase loyalty.


The wholesale dealers can now manage their leads, sales, customers, and employees using Engagedots. They can increase their revenue by running campaigns. The dealers can manage the whole complicated sales process easily. They can get an insight into existing customers to improve business.

IT Sector

Assign the projects and tasks with total control on its progress by setting priority and status. Manage the employees and team in hierarchical order. Manage campaigns, leads, projects, and sales with options for invoicing. Provide good customer support with ticketing system.


Add value to products by shifting from product-centric to customer-centric approach. Streamline the manufacturing process and reduce work load by using Engagedots for generating leads, sales conversion, raising invoice and much more. Handle projects with control on work flow.

Marketing Agency

Get a complete control on contact management, marketing campaigns, lead generation, and sales conversion. Manage purchase list and invoice. Build customer relationship via ticketing and support. Manage the employees. Reduce the human errors and increase the sales revenue.


Track the customer record and maintain the customer history to build a long term customer relationship. Increase the revenue and build loyalty handling different kinds of travelers through centralized database in engagedots. Identify customer patterns with reports for targeted marketing.

Beauty & SPA

Manage the customers and address their queries with customized support system of Engagedots. Handle the employees efficiently with options to record attendance and monitor the tasks assigned to them. Market the beauty accessories directly with customers with best channel distribution.