Social Updates

The days of letters, emails, and phone calls have been completely replaced by the social networking habits of the people using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. The social media helps to keep updated with the latest happening as well as bring the world together and closer with tweeting, comments, blogs, profiles, ratings, criticism, chats etc. These Internet applications are directly integrated with the EngageDots providing a centralized place for communication and information. Keeping in touch with the clients and prospects closely through these social media can increase the probability of converting the sales contacts into a lead and later into a client.

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Twitter Updates

The twitter updates are integrated with the module that brings in latest happening on the internet with instant updates. It is wise choice for the sales person to keep the clients updated about the products using twitter and build a good customer relationship.

Facebook Updates

Facebook is particularly useful for getting updates through blogs and comments. The clients and contact details are updated and are used for lead generation using keyword search. The latest news and updates of the company can be notified as facebook email.

Linkedin Updates

LinkedIn updates on the personnel profiles that can also help for sales recruitment and sales promotion. It is useful for the companies to post breaking news and keep updated about the company information over the Internet. This acts as an easy medium to reach the clients.

Summary of Social Updates

  • Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn are integrated with the application
  • Social updates through this medium helps to gain business insight
  • Clients can be contacted easily for lead generation
  • Feedbacks can be gathered to improve product or service