The application can be customized to your settings using the various options available within the software. The whole organization can be made into group of controllable units with total control over each unit along with its access rights. This gives effective control over the security measures of the application. The application runs as a whole unit while each persons can access the information limited only to his access/permission rights.

An individual may be ignorant of another person’s activities but the activities of both the persons may be interlinked within the application which will be visible only to the right authenticated person. The key for the success of the application lies with the security and other settings preferences done by the authorized persons.

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Dynamic Role

The individual employee details with their role can be added dynamically into the application without disturbing the existing system. The roles can be defined hierarchically as per the organization tree and the individual employee can be made fit into the part with dynamic existence.


Every employee defined with a role is also set with the access value for using the application. The permission for accessing various features of the application differ with each employee depending on their role and responsibilities in the organization.

Email templates & tracking

Ready-made templates are available with the application for emails which saves your time. The templates can also be edited as per your need. The application keeps track of the changes made to the templates, date-wise. The emails are also tracked by the application for future use.

Role Based Dashboards

Every employee will be provided with a dashboard to access the applications depending on their role and responsibilities. The application access rights will differ for each employee with appropriate dashboard appearing for the persons as per their settings

Control internal/external access

The application allows to set the control parameters for the internal and external access to the application. The internal access limits are defined at the employee level. The external access rights or preference can also be set by the application for including client access.

Application security

Since separate database are maintained for each enterprise, the security settings are given high preference. The application security settings can be accessed only by the authorized person. The authorization is done by the admin panel with utmost importance to security.

Summary of Settings Management

  • The various elements or participants of the application can be assigned or set using settings option
  • The company information and branch details can be stored
  • The user account or employee can be created by defining their role
  • The roles can be defined and various access rights can be attached with the role
  • The roles can be added dynamically without disturbing the existing system
  • Role based dashboard appears for each application user
  • Permission for accessing the various features of the application can be set using Admin settings
  • The settings option define internal and external access control
  • The application security can be accessed by authorized person or the administrator
  • The various common settings like grade, source, priority, status, task type, payment status & type, lead status & type, leave type, Ticket source, status, and type can be defined
  • The language can be set
  • The SMTP settings can be defined