Sales Management

One of the main activities of any enterprise CRM software is sales force automation. It is vital for the organization to maintain the records of their clients as well as follow them closely to convert them into sale. The internal social networking are greatly utilized for assisting the sales management activities and relationship building to convert the leads to sales. Initially, leads can be closely followed up to convert them into opportunities and contacts.

The contact database handling is very crucial for the lead that reflects on the communication history between the employee and the client. The centralized contact database provides all the convenience to follow the client leads to convert them into sale. The status of the opportunity can also be updated continuously until it is converted successfully into sales or purchase. The opportunities can be assigned to selected member for followup. The detailed reports about the contacts, lead status, opportunities, and sale can be generated at any point in time

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Streamlining Sales

The leads are converted into opportunities which generates accounts and contacts . The opportunities are followed up until they are converted into sale or purchase. These purchase/sale can be assigned as projects while the invoices can be added for each purchase.

Accounts Creation

When a lead is identified as opportunity, an account (ex: Company) is created for managing all the contacts. The accounts information can be edited or deleted. All the related data of the account such as the lead, opportunity, purchase, project, documents can be viewed.

Manage Contacts

The contact list (Ex:Persons) can be managed with options to edit or delete the contact. This contact list is expanded with every conversion of leads to opportunities. The changes are reflected in the centralized database which is used throughout the process of lead conversion till sales.

Purchase/Invoice tracking

The related activities of sales include the purchase and invoicing. This is automated, managed, and followed up by the sales management module to make the client relationship ongoing. The purchase and invoice includes add, edit, delete, view, and search options.

Task Tracking

The tasks assigned to the employees can be tracked down using the task tracking option. This shows the details of the person who is assigned for the task, task progress, along with the current status of the task. It give complete control over the task completion.

Complete Analytics/Report

Reporting the sales activities utilizing the best available analytical tools via dashboard gives the insight into the company sales pipeline. The sales forecast data is crucial for decision making and this can capitalize the time spent and sales performance improving the business.


All the notes/events/documents related with every stage of sales automation can be managed. The notes can be included to indicate the progress of contact stages or purchase. The associated documents can be attached for further reference. Meetings can be followed up efficiently

Summary of Sales Automation

  • The process of automation starts from leads conversion to opportunities.
  • Accounts and contacts are created.
  • Opportunity is converted as purchase or sale.
  • A project can be added to the purchase.
  • Invoice can be raised for each sale.
  • Related tasks, events, notes and documents can be tracked.
  • The contacts or purchase related to particular user can be listed as My contact or My Purchase.