Project Management

One of the main reason that anyone may choose Engagedots is that it can handle the projects very easily. The projects can be handled from start to end with total control on execution. The whole procedure is very systematic that the process can be monitored completely. Project management can handle multiple projects simultaneously. The projects are assigned to the employees or team as a whole project or tasks. The work progress can be monitored by the authorities with events like meetings to keep track of the task progress and completion.The entire process of project management is completely modularized by Engagedots.

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Task Assignment

The projects are split into handleable tasks. The tasks or the whole project can be assigned to the team. The employees are assigned with tasks. The start and end date for the task can be assigned. The status of the task can be set to indicate the work progress and completion.

Work Progress Bar

The progress of the task or the project can be monitored. All the work status set by the members of the team or employees who are involved in the project are summed up indicate the work or project status. The progress bar reflects the status of task and the managers can monitor the project work.

Editable Project Hours

The projects are assigned as hours and the task or project hours can be edited by the higher officials. The work force is managed in a hierarchical structure and the permission rights can be set using the settings panel such that only the official with access rights can edit the project hours.


The Engagedots provides the option to manage the documents related to the projects in one place. The documents such as the reports or proposals can be organized using the documents option available in the project detail page.


Engagedots provides the notes option to record the details regarding the projects at every stage which may be useful for future references.


All the events such as the meetings related to the projects can be scheduled and followed up easily using the options available in the project detail page.

Summary of Project Management

  • Multiple projects can be handled simultaneously with control on process
  • Tasks can be assigned with status to indicate the work progress
  • The progress bar reflects the summed up work of various employees related to project
  • Events can be defined to monitor the task progress and completion
  • The project hours can be edited by the concerned authorities
  • Documents related to projects like proposals, contracts, or NDA can be managed in one place
  • Notes can be made related to the project at every stage.