Profile Management

Profile describes the user's personal platform to access the application. Engagedots identifies each person who access the application using the profile management that is compact and effective. Profiles are internal social network within the organization similar to Facebook. The employees as well as the customers (exclusive login) can get the updates about other team members. Profile management provides a central communication platform for the employees such that they can interact with the other employees as well as with customers.

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Update Status

The users can share their thoughts and post a message to friends using the status updates. They can also post a link, video, or photo along with their message. There is also option to choose who can view the status message such as the friends, only me, or everyone.

Personal info and Wall

The contact information and other details about the user can be updated on the profile page available with Engagedots application. All the update status such as the messages including video or photo that are posted by the user or friends are listed on the wall.

My Tasks

The present login user or profile owner can view all the tasks that are related to him. The user can also view the status of the work in the form of progress bar which indicates the work status in the form of percentage of completion. The details of the task can also be viewed by selecting it.

Customer Login

Engagedots specially provides a login with limited powers for the customers such that they can keep in contact with the company employees constantly. They can also view their task updates and ensure the progress of their work.


A precise calendar has been integrated with the application that can be accessed by the profile users. The users can use the calendar to schedule events or agenda for the month, week, or days with clearcut details of timings.

Managing Friends

The user can send friend request to other team members to join with him where member names will be suggested. The team members of the person can be listed separately such that he can communicate with them on any updates.

Bookmarks and Albums

The user has options to bookmark his favorite profile such that he can refer it later. The application also allows the user to create personalized albums by including the files from directory. There are options to share the albums.