Performance Management

Every project’s success depends on the performance of the team at every stage. Evaluating the performance is a husky task and that has been made easier with EngageDots’ Performance Management module. The performance of an employee mostly depends on the social environment within the organization. Aiding the employee to set goals that are achievable with proper training is a part of the performance management. The social media and employee collaboration helps for continuous feedback resulting in meaningful recognition. The employees get to know their role in the project resulting in increased goal-oriented performance.

The level-wise employee performance is monitored and the report is generated automatically. The performance is based on the time utilized to complete the work. The performance is reflected in percentage. The time line for task management of a project is also evaluated using the performance module.

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Goal setting

The whole project is split-up among the hierarchical levels of employee with set goals at each level. The employees are encouraged to set their own goals for task completion. The performance of the employee improves with result-oriented focus.

Track progress

The goals set for task completion can be tracked for its progress by task management software. The work progress in percentage reflects the employee’s performance. This can be useful for providing the needed training for the employees to complete the work.

Performance Evaluation

The performance is reflected both on team and individual levels. The employee performance is evaluated based on the achieved goals or tasks in the time line. Transparent method are adopted for identifying the talents of employee for best utilization.

Decision-Making Reports

The reports can be generated at any point in time on the work progress to evaluate the level-wise performance of the employee. These reports may be helpful for the authorities for decision making. The performance can also be viewed as pictorial representation of the data as charts.

Summary of Performance Management

  • The performance of the employee can be evaluated
  • Performance evaluation depends on the social environment within organization
  • Goal oriented performance evaluation can be done
  • The performance is reflected in percentage upon work completion
  • The goal set for completion can be tracked for its progress
  • The performance can be evaluated for individuals or team
  • Performance report can be generated with level-wise employee performance
  • The performance can be viewed as pictorial charts