Marketing Automation

Marketing is an integral part of the organization that empowers the cycle of sales. Many methods are adopted by the marketing department to effectively reach the clients such that they become promising customers. Engagedots provides an exclusive module for promoting the products to the clients who are identified through the lead module. Campaigns are best medium for effective marketing to reach people at wider length within short span of time. The next reliable tool that can be used for marketing is newsletters.

The documents related to the marketing such as quotes or marketing materials can be accessed quickly using the marketing module in a centralized place.Engagedots completely automates the marketing procedure like CRM software thus reducing the pressure of the marketing people and improves the accuracy and speed of servicing the customers resulting in good sales conversion.

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Add Campaign

You can include the clients for campaign using the option available in the leads management. The user can select the leads by ticking the option to include them for campaign program. The add campaigns option is quite useful for sending bulk mails and SMS.

Run Campaign

Bulk emails and SMS can be sent to the customers by running the campaign on selected date or period of time. Engagedots application automates the marketing procedures by allowing run campaign facilities on pre-defined date and time.

Sort fields

The data included for campaigns can be usefully sorted to send emails. For example, the information such as 'lead title' like web development, prospect or customer can be sorted and selected to send bulk emails only to those particular records.


Regular newsletters can be sent to all the contact list regarding the product information or any other updates. This is another marketing tool which can be used to send bulk emails regularly for all the subscribers or contacts.


All the related documents and notes that are associated with the particular lead can be stored in a centralized place for easy access from anywhere at anytime. This allows for closing the deals quickly as well as reduce human errors.

Summary of Marketing Automation

  • Selected leads can be added to campaign.
  • Campaigns can be run on periodical basis.
  • Bulk emails and SMS can be sent to the leads.
  • List can be sorted to send mails to particular leads.
  • Newsletters can be sent to contact list or subscribers.
  • Quotes or marketing material can be stored in centralized place.