The manufacturing companies who are involved in producing goods in a bulk are mostly oriented to product-centric approach.They give prominence for the development of products since it is their major focus. But, the introduction of customer relationship management (CRM) software has motivated the industries to focus towards customer- centric approach for the development of the products since it added value to the products. The feedbacks and participation of the customers at every stage helped the industries to make a better product that could find more demand in the market.

Modules of CRM

The Engagedots CRM is a complete package for the manufacturing industry as a solution to handle their process in a better way. The CRM has all the modules such as Contacts, Leads, Sales, Employee, Reports, Support, Customers, Projects, Tasks etc which streamlines the manufacturing process.

1. Contacts-Sales-Leads: The contacts management helps to maintain the list of all the persons involved in the business for easy referral. The leads and sales management are inter-dependent to follow up with purchase ans sales happening in the company with option to raise the invoice for the products that are sold. This automation of the work facilitates to reduce the manual workload

2. Projects-Tasks: The main advantage of CRM for the manufacturing industry is that it can manage the projects and work tasks easily with complete control of the task progress and completion by setting the work status and priority. The manufacturing company can keep a constant contact with the customers and provide support to the products at every stage using multiple channels including tickets.

3. Employee-Report: The employees can be managed efficiently using the CRM with option to track the leaves. The reports generated by the Engagedots CRM can be useful for analysis and track the work progress at each stage. It is also useful for viewing the performance of the workers.

CRM with AAA access

The main advantage of CRM is the AAA (Anytime, Anywhere, Anyway) access to the information which allows for easy decision making with the availability of business critic information across the organization. his plays a vital role for the manufacturing industry where communication is essential at every stage of production.


CRM as Knowledge-base

The manufacturing company is involved in a continuous process of developing products for the end-user or the customer. There is a need to understand the specific need of the customer to provide the products to meet the satisfaction of the customers. In such cases, the CRM is very helpful to gather the feed back information from the customers. The production unit can understand the exact need of what the customer is asking and develop the product accordingly. The CRM acts like a knowledge-base of the customer feedbacks and demands

Benefits of CRM for Manufacturing Industry

  • Centralized database control
  • Customer management
  • Employee management
  • Co-ordinated work process
  • Managing leads and sales
  • Sales pipeline
  • Purchase and Invoice management
  • Control on work flow
  • Project and task management
  • Manage support and tickets
  • Quick decision making
  • Reduces overhead expenses


In present scenario where the communication is inter-linked and inter-weaved, the Engagedots CRM is an essential solution for all types of manufacturing industries.The CRM acts like a centralized database of information that may be essential for easy operate-ability of the business. The manufacturing company can save time and money by receiving the right information at the right time to streamline the manufacturing process. The Engagedots CRM can act like a key for the manufacturing company to access the customer's network to increase the sales and build the business.