The Engagedots Business Solutions focus on three main areas of any industry such as marketing, sales, and service. It automates the marketing and sales activities and increases the customer retention via customized service. The Engagedots keeps track of the customer record and maintains the customer history which allows to build a long term relationship with the customers. This can be useful for building loyalty and increasing the revenue. Apart from handling the customers, the solution also manages the employees and evaluates their performance. The major tasks related to any business is also managed. Engagedots is a technically sound software designed for managing all the activities of any type of business.

Engagedots for IT Sector

The IT sector deals with projects each day with multiple tasks to complete a project.The Engagedots handles not only tasks and projects but also manages the employees leading to effective management. The employee performance can be evaluated. The complete contact list of the customers is maintained which can be managed by the Engagedots Solutions. The leads can be generated and it can be converted to sales at maximum conversion through support and contacts.

The Solution provides good support facilities which maintains a customer relationship. The reports can be generated by selecting the appropriate fields. The report gives the insight on the business to take the future decisions. Overall, the Engagedots provides a total control on the functioning of the IT sector.

Managing Employees

The employees play a vital role in the organization and managing their information is very crucial. The Engagedots manages the employee list and these list can be further utilized to assign the tasks. The employee performance can also be evaluated by the Engagedots Solutions by monitoring the task completion.

  • Manage employee details
  • Assign task to employees
  • Evaluate employee performance

Handling Customers and Support

The customers can be handled by managing their details in Engagedots Business Solutions. They can be provided with good support by managing the tickets to resolve issues. In an IT field, the support is the major part that has to be attended since customers tend to work with the company who are likely to understand their request.

  • Manage customer list
  • Provide support
  • Manage tickets


The Engagedots Business Solutions is suitable for IT industry since it can manage the projects and control the tasks from start to finish.The tasks can be assigned to the employees who can also be managed with options to evaluate their performance. The assigned task can be continuously monitored for the completion by checking the status and its priority can be set. The Engagedots Solutions is a complete solution to manage the IT business since it allows to manage the customer contact and follow the leads to convert them into sales. The customer queries can be addressed through the tickets and other support system available with Engagedots Solutions. The Engagedots Business Solutions addresses all the major participants of IT industry namely the employees and customers as well as manages the work flow.

Projects and Tasks Management

The Engagedots Business Solutions is suitable for the IT sector since it has features to manage the projects effectively. The IT projects can be assigned and delegated to the employees whose list is also maintained in a separate database along with attendance and leave information. The project tasks can be assigned to the employee and it can be managed. The status of the task and its priority also reflects the importance of the task.

  • Manage projects and tasks
  • Employee management
  • Assign tasks
  • Status of tasks and priority

Leads for new projects

The IT sector can concentrate on receiving new projects by closely following the leads an converting them as a successful project sale or purchase. The campaign can also be introduced using the projects. The complete sale process is made simple with generation of invoice.

  • Leads to sales conversion
  • Campaigning facility
  • Generation of invoice

BENEFITS of Engagedots to IT industry

  • Manage the IT projects and tasks
  • Monitor the work progress
  • Check status of tasks
  • Set priority of task
  • Manage leads and sales
  • Manage campaigning
  • Manage employee database
  • Handle employee performance
  • Manage the customers
  • Provide good support to customers