The Engagedots Business Solutions focus on three main areas of any industry such as marketing, sales, and service. It automates the marketing and sales activities and increases the customer retention via customized service. The Engagedots keeps track of the customer record and maintains the customer history which allows to build a long term relationship with the customers. This can be useful for building loyalty and increasing the revenue. Apart from handling the customers, the solution also manages the employees and evaluates their performance. The major tasks related to any business is also managed. Engagedots is a technically sound software designed for managing all the activities of any type of business.

Health care Market

Health care is a huge ever-growing market that has high demand and potential.There is heavy competition existing in the industry, and the main aim of any servicing institution is customer satisfaction. Due to this reason, the health sector is focusing around the customer service. The software which includes the features like customer relationship management has prominent place and recognition in the health care market. The main aim of health care is to handle the patient information, coordinate with the patients, and reach out to patients.

Patient records

The Engagedots Solutions provides the possibility to store the patient information and retrieve the same when required. The patient details act like a central database for all other activities related to patient care including billing. The Engagedots allows to manage the patient records with option to edit or delete the records. One of the aim behind adapting to Engagedots is to reduce the errors which otherwise would happen manually.

  • Manage patient records
  • Centralized database
  • Reduce the manual errors
  • Data for patient care
  • Patient record for Billing

Interactive Medium

The Engagedots Business Solution acts like an interactive medium for both the health care and the patients. health care can access the information online and the patients can also get an easy accessibility through online. This makes the medium flexible for both of them to communicate effectively and bring about a customer satisfaction.

  • Interactive medium for patients and health care
  • Easy accessibility online
  • Good communication

BENEFITS of Engagedots for health care

  • Manage the patient records
  • Reducing the manual errors
  • Automatic billing and invoicing
  • Report generation
  • Handle the employee details
  • Follow up events and campaigning
  • Good support system increasing loyalty

Engagedots for health care sector

The health sector has wider scope for automation as it has direct connection with the end-user or the patient who expect more customer service from the health care. The Engagedots Business Solutions allows to store the complete contact details of the patients and allows to store the information about their visit to the hospital. The patient records are referenced for patient care and billing.

The regular campaign and events can be managed by the Engagedots Solutions. The Engagedots streamlines all the functions related to health care and increases the customer satisfaction. The customers are allowed to access the information online. It is viewed as a source to check the errors. The proper reports are generated by the Engagedots as per the need.

  • Manage projects and tasks
  • Employee management
  • Assign tasks
  • Status of tasks and priority

Employee details

The Engagedots allows the health care unit to manage the employee details and monitor their performance level. The attendance and leave information about the employee can be recorded in the Engagedots Business Solutions. These information allows to have a control on the employee who plays the vital role of interaction with the patients.

  • Manage employee list
  • Monitor performance level
  • Attendance and leave details

Support and campaign

The Engagedots Solutions allow to handle the campaigns and events happening in the health care and make them reach effectively to the patients.One of the main aim for the Engagedots Business Solutions is to provide a good support to the patients such that they become a loyal customer to the health care unit. Only a satisfied patient will recommend the hospital/clinic to another person which has more powerful effect than a direct promotion to the patients.

  • Campaigns and event promotion
  • Good support to patients
  • Increase loyalty


The Engagedots Business solutions has all the features that are needed to effectively manage the health care and keep the patients satisfied with the service. The Solution is customer centric where the database is centralized for easy handling of records. The patient and employee records are added dynamically into the Solution which manages both the records with good interaction with the patients. The patient records are also utilized for billing purpose as well as to forward the details regarding events and campaigning. The support is provided with maximum adherence to the correct data which is persuasive to make the patient satisfied. The satisfied patients contributes for the smooth running of the health care institution and increases the loyalty among the patients.