Introduction to Engagedots

The Engagedots Business Solutions focus on three main areas of any industry such as marketing, sales, and service. It automates the marketing and sales activities and increases the customer retention via customized service. The Engagedots keeps track of the customer record and maintains the customer history which allows to build a long term relationship with the customers. This can be useful for building loyalty and increasing the revenue. Apart from handling the customers, the solution also manages the employees and evaluates their performance. The major tasks related to any business is also managed. Engagedots is a technically sound software designed for managing all the activities of any type of business.

Software for FRANCHISE Business

The Engagedots is an effective solutions that helps to manage the Franchise business. The Engagedots serves all the purpose of franchising and focus on handling the sales, marketing, customer relationship management, invoicing etc. All the activities involved in the business is maintained under one roof. There is also Admin panel to control the settings to make the software work for your business.

The Engagedots business software can be your wise choice for the franchise business to increase the revenue and sales. It is best suited as a marketing solution with wide database and lead management. The Engagedots is designed to meet all the needs of Franchise business and is fine tuned to include the features that can serve to improve the performance level.


The Engagedots Business Solutions allows to manage the franchise business by providing all the tools to manage the business activities as well as for training. Training being an important aspect for franchising, our solution allows to monitor the employees and carry out the training activities successfully. The training can be monitored on the real time basis.

BENEFITS of Engagedots for Franchise Sector

  • Automation of all the process
  • Managing the employees
  • Evaluate the employee performance
  • Database control about Franchisee
  • Identifying potential Franchisee
  • Customer retention
  • Provide full support via tickets and other sources
  • Reliable for decision-making
  • Advantages of real-time monitoring
  • Increase profits and ROI


The Engagedots Business Solutions is widely suitable for the franchise business since it can store all information regarding the franchisee and provide the apt reports.The Engagedots keeps track of franchisee and employee activities to manage the organization as well as the business. It is the best tool for customer relationship management via multiple channels like phone, email, and tickets. All the tasks and reports related to the franchise business can be tracked using the Engagedots Business Solutions. The database can be accessed at anytime which increase the flexibility of the software. The Engagedots solutions is the right key to manage the activities involved in the Franchise business.


Managing customers

  • Complete list of franchisees/customers
  • Identify potential leads
  • Effective marketing tools
  • Email promotion
  • Campaigning

Sales and Invoicing

  • Purchase and invoicing details
  • Monitor the sales
  • Up-to-date information
  • Control on business

Handling Task and Reports

  • Assign task to employees
  • Monitor the work progress
  • Generate the reports
  • Useful for decision-making

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Handle customer information
  • Retention of franchisee/ customer via support
  • Keep track of phone calls and email
  • Managing tickets
  • Keep the franchisee happy and satisfied

Manage employees

  • Manage employees
  • Manage attendance and leave information
  • Evaluate the employee performance
  • Reports on employee performance


The franchiser can manage the list of franchisee. This gives a central control for the franchiser over the franchisees business. The franchiser can also identify the potential franchiser for doing the business.

The Engagedots business solutions allows the franchiser to get the updates about the invoice and purchase details of franchisee.

Tasks can be assigned to employees, Franchisee and reports can be generated using the Engagedots.

The employees and franchisee can be managed effectively and their performance can be evaluated.

The franchisee can be retained by the Engagedots via good support system


The franchisee can have control on the list of customers and identify the customers to promote the email and campaign marketing to run the business.

The purchase and invoice details of the customer can be handled by the franchisee.

Tasks can be assigned to employees and reports can be generated using the Engagedots.

The employees can be managed effectively and their performance can be evaluated.

The customers can be retained by the Engagedots via good support system