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Amalgamate your communication channels with EngageDots, a Team Chat software redefining the way your team connects, brainstorms ideas, collaborates and delivers projects

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Seamless features

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More features

History Backup

Stay less worried about your confidential documents with the provision to maintain all audio, video and other files with complete history backup.

Reminders and Notifications

Organise your meetings and get prompt alerts and reminders on scheduled events and deadlines to never miss out on anything wherever you are.

Unlimited Chat Rooms

Adding multiple languages to provide support for your customers from different locales thereby increasing your reach.

Back up Manually

Keep a backup of your team’s conversations storing only the necessary files and organising them wherever and whenever you need.

All Device Compatibility

Don’t be worried of leaving your message half-way through in a device. Continue the same conversation from another device with no losses.

Agile Support

Setting up the chat solution is incredibly simple and we assist you significantly with the necessary technical support as you need.

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