Make action-driven work conversations

  • Direct messaging

    Communicate with your co-workers one-on-one and in groups for making decisions quickly.

  • Audio and video calls

    Enjoy the convenience of audio and video calls for handling longer work conversations.

Digital workplace for better results

Delegate Work

Create work schedules, assign responsibilities to your team and track progress constantly.

Achieve Milestone

Plan your activities to help your team members meet deadlines and business goals, on time.

Share Files

Upload and share audio, video and other documents instantly to access files from anywhere.

See how communication impacts your business

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Keep track of your employees

  • Set work mode

    Let the team switch between in-office & on-field mode in a single click.

  • Live Tracking

    Locate the employees and track their activities, at any moment.

  • Location Sharing

    Allow employees to share their location to keep their team in the loop.

  • Activity Log

    View all that’s happening within the team and organization easily.

Socialize with your co-workers

Everything the business needs to build a workplace that is engaging, fun and productive.

  • Feed

    Share views, spark a conversation and discuss social activities on the news feed.

  • Polls

    Build a two-way work culture with polls for evaluating ideas, employee feedback & more.

  • Events

    Schedule events to keep employees informed on the latest activities.