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An App Devised Like Whatsapp but Revised for Enterprises

Incredible productivity and effortless interaction with our business chat software

Attune your team to success with our Team Chat Software

Our Whatsapp clone / Team Collaboration chat software defends your business plans establishing a synchronised workforce and secure file sharing.
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A contemporary approach to team collaboration

EngageChat is all about creating a secure platform for group and one-on-one chat that uplifts your corporate communication standards. Invite your clients, employees and vendors to chat, collaborate and make decisions with options to set online meetings, reminders for tasks assigned and so forth. Experience the convenience of managing and updating business contacts to initiate quick responses to client cases, and feel the difference.

  • Video Conferencing - Handle all kinds of video communication to discuss your business ventures and opportunities via smartphones
  • Multiple User Controls - Developed to handle multiple user requests with real-time connectivity to effectively manage customer relationships
  • 100% Secure Messaging - Create highly confidential chat rooms for one-on-one and group chats for a fast and reliable communication
  • Organise Conversations - Organise your conversations into different categories based on the projects and teams you are working with

A Whatsapp Clone Script with Smarter Attributes

Distinguish the way you manage your business chat conversations, tasks and information with EngageChat. Our Whatsapp Clone/Script chat app paves way to empower your business standards working collaboratively in a more functional and regulated working environment. Improved team effectiveness allowing users to communicate and share files in real time business chat software.

Improved team effectiveness allowing users to communicate and share files in real time
Developed in assistance with advanced technologies using Openfire (chat modules) and SIP (call modules)
Supporting your business practices with a completely customisable chat application
Sync with your mobile device to easily share files and manage tasks from our whatsapp clone business chat software.
Private and group chat software functionalities to create a group from scratch or add a new contact to the existing list

Delivering a Unique Value Proposition

Opt to make every interaction with your customers a worthwhile one

Initiate Workgroup

Admin is given the access to initiate group or private messaging with the company members

Own Server

Hosted on your own server, all of your corporate information are safe from outside threats

Highly Secure

Your corporate information is highly secure with high profile data protection and encryption

All-device Compatibility

Give your users an enhanced experience with highly responsive app compatible on all devices

Chat Software For Business

Quick Video Demonstration

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Benefits of Consorting with EngageChat

Establishing a simple and secure messaging platform, EngageChat - whatsapp clone software is indispensable for companies, large and small.

Import Contacts

Integrating the app with your other accounts, EngageChat allows you to import your contacts for anyplace connectivity.

File Sharing

Built-in facility to mark and share files from anywhere on your device with preview of the file prior to sending increasing your operational efficiency.

Fully Customisable

Customise EngageChat the way you require. Combine in-apps, alerts, auto read features and much more, designed exclusively for your business.

Team Communication App Office Team Chat Software for Project Management

Group Conversations

Enhance your work accountability creating chat rooms and accommodating any number of employees for real-time team communication.

Admin Interface

Personalised message signature, unique pass codes, touch id and a ton of other exquisite features, all one request away.

Third Party Tool Integrations

Create highly productive teams with plug-in features to integrate any other app or tool you wish, to achieve complete team co-ordination.