Employee Management

Employees are the wealth of any organization which should be managed properly for the success of the company and its project.Mostly the employees are structured in the hierarchical model with flow of work from top to down. The projects are split up and assigned to the particular department, further assigned to the concerned employees. This flow of work depends on personal presence of the employee at the work place which is handled by the human resource department.

Engagedots assists the human resource (HR) department to handle the employee attendance, leave list, resume list, performance label etc. The HR department can add the employee and even search the particular employee easily with the details provided. The employee management ensures the presence of needed employee for the completion of the work to keep the cycle going.

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Manage Employee List

The list of all the employee enrolled with the company in hierarchical manner can be managed with options to add, edit, or delete employees. The employee list will have details like Name, Title, Phone, Mobile, and date added.

Sort, Filter & Search

The list of all the employees can be sort by clicking on the label field. The employee list can also be filtered alphabetically. Engagedots provides normal and advanced options to search the whole employee list using the keywords and fields.

Performance Label

The concerned administrator can assign the performance of the employee by adding the performance label to each employee. Only the administrator has the control to edit or delete the performance label of the employee.

User Log

The complete user log details for each employee is maintained such that the recent activities can be monitored. The details such as IP address and last login are recorded for having control over each user's login and activities.

Summary of Employee Management

  • Employees can be managed in the hierarchical structure
  • The employee login can be created with assigned role by the administrator
  • The tasks can be assigned to the employees
  • The employee list can be sorted alphabetically
  • The list of employees can be managed with options to add, edit, or delete
  • The Employee details like name, title, phone, date added can be managed
  • The resume information of the employee can be handled
  • The leave list of the employees can be managed
  • The performance of the employee can be associated with employee details by administrator