Employee Collaboration

The employee collaboration is made efficient with the private social networking and social activities within the organization. The enterprise level collaboration helps to solve all issues quickly and manage easy work flow. Knowledge-based database is made available which makes a better collaboration within the employees. They can get the needed information quickly making the working environment live. People can interact within the corporate network and share documents and ideas. The furnished data can be accessed quickly to make better decisions.

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Enterprise Social Networking

The sharing of social media within the organization brings about a collaboration among the employees as well with the clients. The social connect within the enterprise allows for establishing a communication channel for swift completion of the task.

Dynamic document sharing

The centralized sales document that are available in sharing allows the individuals to work dynamically. This is useful for creating an agile working environment where there is no barrier on interaction using social networking sites with common shared documents.

Decision making

The availability of data on shared networks paves way for easy decision making. The progress of the task can be viewed centrally which allows to focus on the work as well as to decide upon the needed changes in milestones for accomplishing task.

Work flow management

The team work is the aim of the employee collaboration module for successful task or project completion. The sharing of information at the right place at the right time allows for effective control on work flow. Social media helps for timely communication.

Summary of Employee Collaboration

  • Enterprise level collaboration allows to resolve issues quickly
  • A corporate network is established within the enterprise with social interaction
  • A profile is created for each employee
  • Employees can connect with other employees by sending friend request
  • They can message about their status on which others can comment
  • A calendar is shared to plan or schedule the events
  • They can upload photos, videos, or links
  • Documents can be shared within the enterprise dynamically