The customer relationship management (CRM) is one of the powerful tool available for all kinds of sectors including the dealers. The Engagedots CRM is applicable for all kinds of dealers in all verticals of the industry such as retail, automotive, furniture, fabrics, software, and much more. In common, all the dealers are part of a huge business and they also have their own business operative. The CRM is useful for managing the dealers while it is also helpful for the dealers to manage their own business.

CRM for Managing Dealers

The Engagedots CRM software can be used by the large business to manage their dealers by maintaining their details using the software. The dealer information can be stored and retrieved with current updates on status of the dealership. The reports can be viewed about the dealer's transaction history. The CRM is useful for maintaining both sales and purchase information of the dealers.

CRM to Manage database

The dealers are mainly benefited by the CRM just because the database(retailers or customers) can be managed efficiently. It acts like a knowledge-base to refer back and renew new contacts. It is estimated that nearly 80% of the business comes from 20% of existing database. Thus, the dealers can improve their business with an insight about the existing customers. The Engagedots CRM software provides a good support system for establishing the contacts with the customers.

Benefits of CRM for dealers

  • Control on distribution to retailers
  • Centralized data
  • Knowledge-base of customers or retailers
  • 360 degree view of customers
  • Purchase history
  • Campaigning and emails
  • Anytime, Anywhere accessibility
  • Central control on sale and purchase activities
  • Simply and handles complicated sales process
  • Good support and contact facility
  • Increased sales and revenue
  • Increased ROI

CRM for Dealers

The wholesale dealers can maintain their transaction using the CRM software. The Engagedots CRM can be useful for the dealers to keep track of the information about their customers (retailers) and also about their employees to manage the business. It gives the best selling environment for the wholesalers with effective tool for communication.

All the dealership activities can be handled using the CRM such as managing contacts, managing leads and sales, manage customers and employee, build a good rapport with the retailers, and provide the needed support. The CRM encourages the dealers to transact at anytime from anywhere. It also allows the dealers to announce the special offers and manage other campaigns.

The wholesale dealers have a huge responsibility to distribute large amount of products and CRM gives the control on the flow. The CRM is best suited for automotive dealers to increase the revenue via campaigns. The CRM is also suitable for all other dealers like furniture or fabrics where the sales process is very complicated.

Purchase History

The sale and purchase history is maintained by the CRM software which is very useful for the dealer to communicate. It is also useful for marketing and understand the customer more deeply. It reflects on the buying pattern of the customers that has huge effect on sales and revenue. The history of sale and purchase can also contribute for marketing initiatives like campaigning and emailing promotional letters to the customers on a regular basis.


The Engagedots CRM is one of the most suitable solution for all types of dealers. It allows them to maintain the sales and purchase as well as establish closer contacts with the retailers or customers. A good communication is established by the CRM solutions that can give long lasting relationship with the customers. The history of the sales and purchase helps to identify the potential customer. It can be useful for promoting the products via emails and campaigns.