Contacts Management

Managing the contacts efficiently is the best trick to get success over the sales force automation and business promotion. The contact database handling is very crucial for the lead that reflects on the communication history between the employee and the client. The centralized contact database provides all the convenience to follow the client leads to convert it into a sale. The contact database is utilized with all the communication medium such as email, live chat, web form, skype, telephone, etc to follow up with the clients and prospects. The detailed reports about the contacts and lead status is generated within this module.

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Filter contacts

The contact database can be filtered and sorted on the ascending and descending order as well as alphabetically. This helps to locate a record easily saving the time. The social media search can also be done to filter the contacts from the social networking sites.

Import from more sources

The contact database can fetch or import more contacts from the social networking sites such as CSV, Gmail, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. These sources from social medias can strengthen the contact database promoting lead possibilities.

Events and task

All the events & tasks such as the meetings, phone calls, appointment with the clients and other sales promoting and followup activities can be managed easily under one roof by using this option. This provides a central thread to control all activities and events.

Call scheduler

The call scheduler helps to log all the details on who is accessing the contact and following the lead, time of contact, date, call history etc. This can provide with the status of the lead. This can also help the enterprise to have the centralized control on the database.

Convert to lead

Just a contact information of any client is incomplete unless it is followed up and further communications are carried to build a client relationship. The contacts can be closely followed using all medias to convert them into a sales lead.