The Engagedots Business Solutions focus on three main areas of any industry such as marketing, sales, and service.It automates the marketing and sales activities and increases the customer retention via customized service. The Engagedots keeps track of the customer record and maintains the customer history which allows to build a long term relationship with the customers. This can be useful for building loyalty and increasing the revenue. Apart from handling the customers, the solution also manages the employees and evaluates their performance. The major tasks related to any business is also managed. Engagedots is a technically sound software designed for managing all the activities of any type of business.

Engagedots for Beauty & Spa

The Beauty & Spa is one of the field that has got recognition in the past few years creating more stabilized career opportunities professionally. Initially the industry felt the computerization for managing clients and invoices, but now they realize that they need a software which could do more such as customer management, employee management, task handling, product support, and much more.

Engagedots Business Solutions provides excellent solution for the field of beauty & spa with many features mentioned above including other features like report generation, leads generation, sales conversion etc. The Engagedots solution is useful for all fields including beauty parlors, beauty salons, hair & nail salon, hairdressing salons, Spa, fitness center, gymnasiums and much more. These fields can run their entire business smoothly by using the Engagedots.

Client tracking & invoicing

The Engagedots Business Solutions allows to follow up with the contacts or customers whose database is maintained by the software.The tracking of clients and invoicing helps to speed up the activities and keeps the customer happy which is essential for the proper functioning of beauty & spa.

  • List of contacts
  • Track the clients
  • Invoicing
  • Keep customer happy

Product Support

The beauty products and other beauty related accessories needed a channel to reach the customers which was made possible by the Engagedots Solutions.The customers could be directly contacted or the products could be marketed via the contacts maintained by the software to ensure regular sales.

  • Product promotion
  • Channel of distribution
  • Marketing channel via contact list
  • Regular sales

Managing Customers

One of the main feature that anyone will look out for in beauty & spa is customer management. These are service-based institutions and can be benefited only when their customers are kept happy.Engagedots Business Solutions provides option to maintain the customer list and manage them by addressing their queries with good support system.

  • Easy customer management
  • Maintain customer list
  • Manage queries
  • Good support system

Employee management

The employees at beauty&spa can be maintained by the Engagedots Solutions whose performance can be evaluated by keeping track of the task assigned to them.The attendance and leave details can also be recorded by the Engagedots Business Solutions.

  • Employee list maintained
  • Details of leave and attendance
  • Keep track of task assigned
  • Evaluate performance level

BENEFITS of Engagedots for Beauty & Spa

  • Managing the client list
  • Raising invoice for the service
  • Handling the tasks or service
  • Employee management
  • Employee performance evaluation
  • Extend support to the customers
  • Maximize the business profit via customer service
  • Product promotion and sales management


The Beauty & Spa is a service-based industry which needs to keep its customer happy and maintains a constant touch with them since the business is depended more on repeated customers. The Engagedots Business Solutions allows to keep track of the customers and provides options for invoicing. The best support option is provided by the Engagedots Solutions so that customers gets the satisfying service with the concern. The employees can also be managed whose performance can be evaluated. The regular business routines can be speed up and a customized service can be provided to the customers by systematizing the process involved in the Beauty & Spa business