About Us

We are in the field of developing prime software solutions for more than 5+ years with cumulative organization experience around 400 man years. We are supported by well-equipped infrastructure spread across 7500 sq.ft and facilities meeting the industry-standard. Our dedicated team of 100+ qualified professionals are serving more than 1000+ customers across the globe.

Engagedots is an enterprise solution which is useful for handling the entire activities of the organization through a single dashboard. It manages the entire workforce in hierarchical manner and provides exclusive login or profile page. Engagedots is a unified solution that can manage the sales, projects, and man power through single platform and manage the related documents with centralized access from anywhere at anytime.

Engagedots is available as Enterprise model as well as CRM model. The Engagedots CRM is a compact choice for automating the sales and marketing with various indepth statistical data analysis to provide insight on the status. Engagedots is the prime solution that is highly affordable.


How is it useful?

Engagedots Enterprise as well as CRM Lite version are both useful for all types of company across industry-verticals such as manufacturing, healthcare, IT, marketing agency, dealers etc. The enterprise can be managed as a single unit with control over flow of information.

Engagedots can bring about a social collaboration within the enterprise. It can keep the customers happy via personalized support and quick service.

Who can use it?

Engagedots solution can by used by all the employees of the company as well as by the customers. The CEO's can now monitor the work with up-to-date information on their finger tips. The employees can work in a social environment by interacting with their colleagues as well as updating the work progress and task status.

The customers are most benefited since they can login from anywhere and get the updates about their work. They can contact the concerned person through social conversation or through ticketing system.

How can I use it?

An authorized login and password will be provided for all the user of Engagedots depending upon their role played in the organization. The administrator or the application owner will be given the ultimate power who can decide on the access rights of other users such as managers, team leaders, marketing executives, project incharge etc.

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