The Idea

Todays corporate world is facing serious threats of information leakage. This is due to internet transmission of informations , online discussions, online file shares, third party chat tools, third party hosted collaboration tool, third party server access and lot more. But what if today's enterprises are given with a collaboration tool that is self hosted within their private servers and has lot more features than those third party tools. And the bonus to it would be - That it can be completely customized as per enterprise's needs from time to time!!

The Act

" Engagedots solution " is NDOT's innovative enterprise collaboration solution with a mission to overcome the difficulties in enterprise's information security. The solution delivers exceptional results as it is self hosted and therefore has no threats of information leakage. The solutions gives you all the features like IM, Group chat, File Share, audio- video share, stickers, smileys, location share, settings like other third party tools. Apart from these the solution also gives features like tasks, reminders, events, guest access login for your daily enterprise work schedule. The Web app and mobile app syncs to give you the uninterrupted work flow all round the day. Thus NDOT developed innovative engagedots solution that is proving itself to be a reliable tool globally.

The Fact

  • 6+ Substantial years in the business.
  • 500 man years of cumulative organization experience.
  • 250+ skilled professionals.
  • 15,000 sq.ft Global Delivery Centre.
  • 3+ Global locations with local support.
  • 150+ satisfied customers.
  • 45 + Web and Mobile products.
  • 110 + Published apps.
  • 1.5 + Million app downloads
  • Clients in 4 Continents and 50 Countries.
  • Footprints in 11 + industrial domains.
  • Flexible and agile development methodologies

The Future

NDOT's vision with engagedots solution resides upon being the next big revolution in enterprise team collaboration tool industry. So we build software with ace technologies absorbing all hurdles in communication industry and emitting best client satisfaction in markets we serve. NDOT is continuously pursuing its passion to organize corporate world's information and make it universally secured and uniform worldwide.