Get to Know Why EngageDots

From governmental agencies to banking houses, hundreds of organizations trust Engagedots for communication.

About Us

About us to to know more about Engagedots for businesses, enterprises, large group chats, communication and collaboration tool for any sectors.

About EngageDots

A platform with the right business innovation, EngageDots provides insights into your business management strategies with a highly affordable and supreme enterprise solution. To manage your entire workforce in a hierarchical manner, manage sales and projects through a single platform, handle documents with total control over the flow of information and to collaborate and communicate with your team with no hassles, we propose EngageChat and EngageCRM applications for your business operational needs.


  • We focus on delivering a business collaborative package of customer relationship management software & business chat application with advanced business enterprise solutions.
  • Our mission is to leverage your business with a complete customer lifecycle management software & a business intercommunication platform.


  • EngageDot’s vision is to develop the next-generation sales and employee management software for better operational effectiveness.
  • We create innovative business collaborative management software with a superior business communication solution for customer relationship management across all industries.

Why EngageDots?

EngageDots provides the best mobility & web solution for the customer relationship management schemes including sales management, performance management, task management, ticket management, reports management and employee collaboration for all types of businesses. EngageDots helps improve project visibility and workforce productivity accelerating project timelines and much more.