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Fix your vision. Impart your ideas. Benchmark your methods.

A Phenomenal Approach to Business Strategies

A multifold application in perfect tandem with your business standards, our Enterprise Chat Software helps your ventures stay on par with the technological advancements that mark the face of industries today.
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Next-generation Team Communication Management

Unifying communication with efficacy through IM features merging voice, video, file sharing and more, EngageDots helps you collaborate with your team for a fully synchronized and productive business milieu that would bring in increased revenue and greater probability of retaining existing customers.

  • Team Chat Management and Collaboration - Exclusive application to communicate, collaborate and manage employees and customers with group chat and private chat features
  • Business Contacts Management - An opportunity to manage and update your business contacts for an improved customer relationship management and for effectively managing associations
  • Effective Communication - A one-in-all platform for communicating effectively with the team which succeeds where third party email and file sharing platforms fail
  • Significant Cost Savings - Offering benefits of an exquisite communication solution reserving half the cost you spend for other third party communication platforms, calls, emails, and more
  • Secure Messaging Services - A secure computing and communication solution with end-to-end encryption for your enterprise flexible problem solving
  • Customizable Properties - A versatile solution developed using PHP-MySql & XMPP technologies to integrate itself with any third party tools, features, themes, languages and more

Fortunes that would knock your door with Enterprise business chat software.

A intuitive application with seamless attributes, our application let not any of your business opportunities and prospects go unconquered. Seize the opportunity to emerge as a transfigured enterprise enabled by contemporary functionalities.

Improved information insight
Increased customer retention via customised service
Faster execution times with less investment
Easy decision making with intelligent reports on progress
Intensified leads and revenue

Core Benefits of Enterprise Business Chat Software

Next generation features included in the scope of business solutions

Multi-device Engagement

Synchronize every micro data communicating effectively with your client & employees using one of a kind and compatible web & mobile apps

Social Media to Engage

Engage with employees and customers through social media & powerful collaboration tools for effective communication and work coordination

Productive & Collaborative

Observe a rise in productivity and prompt project completion shortening the response times and reducing travel, call counts, meetings and emails

Minimum Maintenance

Designed for good performance and minimal maintenance requirements, complied with all essential features to suit a variety of industry needs

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