Driving Performance with Chat and CRM Software

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A Phenomenal Approach to Business Strategies

A multifold application in perfect tandem with your business standards, Chat Software & CRM Software helps your ventures stay on par with the technological advancements that mark the face of industries today.
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Next-generation Team Management

Integrating communication, management and analytics in a single platform, EngageDots helps you collaborate with your team for a fully synchronised and productive business scheme that would bring in increased revenue and greater probability of retaining existing customers.

  • Team Management and Collaboration - Exclusive application to communicate, collaborate and manage employees and customers with group chat and private chat features.
  • Contacts Management - An opportunity to manage and update your business contacts for an improved customer relationship management and for effectively managing associations.
  • Task Assignment and Scheduling - An automated and extensive app designed for enterprises with real time project management system to plan projects and assign tasks effectively.
  • Lead Management - An easy-to-use solution to track lead progress and shorten response times allowing you to customise the lead status and convert leads to contacts.
  • Analytics and Marketing - A platform to view statistical reports on the progress that supports easy decision making and manage marketing and promotional activities with no hassles.

Fortunes that would knock your door with EngageDots

A intuitive application with seamless attributes, our application let not any of your business opportunities and prospects go unconquered. Seize the opportunity to emerge as a transfigured enterprise enabled by contemporary functionalities.

Improved information insight
Increased customer retention via customised service
Faster execution times with less investment
Easy decision making with intelligent reports on progress
Intensified leads and revenue

Core Benefits of Chat & CRM Software

Next generation features included in the scope of business solutions

Engage Customers

Engage with employees and customers through social media & powerful collaboration tools for effective communication and work coordination.

Execute tasks

Make work more efficient and productive with real time project management, improving employee performance with goal-oriented tasks.

Enhance Business

Hierarchical team management with work delegation that streamlines the tasks and boosts up production and prompt project completion.

Elevate Sales

Positive sales increase with lead generation, follow up and conversion via social media and other channels ensuring strong customer satisfaction.

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